You are having an asthma attack if:

  • ​Your reliever inhaler (usually blue) ISN'T HELPING, or you need to use it MORE THAN EVERY FOUR HOURS
  • You are WHEEZING a lot, have a VERY TIGHT chest, or you're COUGHING a lot DAY and/or NIGHT
  • You are BREATHLESS and find it DIFFICULT TO WALK / TALK​
  • Your breathing is getting FASTER and it feels like you CAN'T GET YOUR BREATH IN PROPERLY

Some people do not have all these symptoms. If you are worried, feel unwell or have any difficulty in breathing call 999.

What to do if having an asthma attack

  1. Call for help, sit up straight - try to keep calm
  2. Take one puff of your reliever inhaler (usually BLUE) via spacer every one minute, for up to 10 puffs
  3. If you feel worse at any point or you don't feel better, call 999 for an ambulance
  4. REPEAT step 2 (10 puffs) after 15 minutes while waiting for an ambulance

If you are on a SMART/MART medicine regime, please follow your emergency action plan

If your symptoms improved without needing to go to hospital, please see our Emergency Recovery Plan, AND book an urgent same-day appointment with your GP