How to clean your Aerochamber

Clean aerochamber as below first before you use it, then monthly. Ensure it is replaced every 6-12 months by your GP, or sooner if any damage.


Remove the port from the spacer, but do not remove the mask


Soak both parts for 15 minutes in luke warm water with mild liquid detergent and agitate gently


Shake out excess water and stand to air dry - DO NOT rub dry.  

Replace the port

Aerochamber Spacer Devices

Aerochamber or spacer devices are essential to use with meter dose inhalers to ensure optimal medicine delivery to your lungs. 

See below for information on how to use and cleaning. You can print these if it helps to keep a copy at home:

Aerochamber instructions and cleaning - small (orange, yellow)

Aerochamber instructions and cleaning - small (blue)