Which spacer is right for you?


Using the correct spacer for your will ensure the medication in your inhaler is delivered to your lungs most effectively.  They also help to reduce side-effects of the inhaler medication if not delievered to your lungs properly.

Ensure you have a nice seal of the spacer mask on your face, covering your nose and mouth nicely with no gaps around your eyes or chin.  

If you are using a spacer with a mouthpiece, ensure your lips create a tight seal and your technique is perfect.


Small Mask

Small Mask - Orange
(0 - 18 months)
Smaller facemask designed to sit gently to the face of an infant. Extra sensitive, low-resistance valve designed specifically for infants.

Medium Mask

Medium Mask - Yellow
(1 - 5 years)
Slightly larger mask will provide a proper seal as the child grows. Extra sensitive, low-resistance valve designed specifically for children.


Mouthpiece - Blue
(5 years+)
Guidelines recommend children use a mouthpiece product as soon as they are able – usually around 5 years of age, but all children are different so ask your doctor or pharmacist to help ensure your child's technique is correct.


Adult Large Mask

Large Mask - Blue
For young persons with large facial features who may have difficulty with a mouthpiece, or who prefer the security a mask provides.