simsat.JPGPaediatric Clinics

We hold various outpatient clinics for children and young persons. These may be clinics by General Paediatric Consultants, clinics by General Paediatric Consultants with Interest in Respiratory (breathing) problems, or outreach Specialist Respiratory clinics by Paediatric Respiratory Consultants for patient with complex and difficult to treat asthma. 

Many of our clinics are multidisciplinary with our Asthma specialist nurses supporting you so you get great holistic asthma care. We also hold specialist Asthma nurse clinics and Allergy testing clinics

Our clinics are a mix of face to face and virtual/telephone, depending on your clinical needs.

Teenagers.webpAdolescent Transition Clinics

If you have asthma, we support you on your asthma journey, as you move from our Children's services to Adult services.  We have close relationships with our Adult Respiratory team at Darent Valley Hospital, and once you are over 12 years of age, we will start having discussions with you to begin gently transitioning your care to the Adult Respiratory team

Our services are centred around your specific and age-related needs and we aim to empower you in reaching the best control of your asthma for your future health.  We also have an Adolescent Transition Nurse to support you through this.‚Äč

If you'd like to know more about this, please talk to us in your next clinic appointment.

asthma-box-link-2.jpgAsthma Action Plans

Evidence suggests that having a personalised Asthma Action Plan helps you achieve the best control of your asthma.  Good control of your asthma is the way to improve your quality of life whilst living with asthma and helps reduce asthma attacks and admissions to hospital

During your clinic appointment, we will update your Asthma Action Plan. We will provide you with a copy and save it in your records too.  If there are any changes to your medication or how to take it, we will help you with this.

If there is anything you do not understand please let us know. To learn more about Asthma Action plans, visit our Advice section, or click here


Referrals for our Paediatric Respiratory Service are usually made by your GP. Please note, many GPs also have Asthma Specialist Practice nurses too.  If you are worried about you or your child's asthma diagnosis and/or control, please discuss this with your GP and they will discuss what services are most appropriate for you.

Children admitted to our Children's hospital following a moderate to severe asthma or wheeze attack will often be arranged for follow-up by either the Children's doctor (Paediatrician) looking after you, or referral to our Paediatric Respiratory service.  

We will be more than happy to discuss this with you in more detail!