Reduce triggers.
Follow your Asthma Action Plan.
Take your preventer medications everyday if prescribed. 

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Indoor triggers

  • Keep windows open for fresh air, unless high pollen/pollution days - see Met Office Pollen forecasts
  • Use extractor fans in bathrooms and kitchen to avoid damp and mould build-up
  • Reduce dust mites - see dust mite info in aeroallergens section
  • Avoid air borne chemicals such as from aerosols, sprays, high VOC/fragranced cleaning products
  • Don't smoke - see smoking cessation section
  • Keep heaters, boilers an cookers regularly serviced
  • Air filters/purifiers with HEPA filter can be useful. Dehumidifiers, ionisers, diffusers are not recommended

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Outdoor triggers

  • Follow your Asthma Action plan
  • Always take your preventer inhalers/medicines if prescribed them
  • If you are particularly affected by pollution, stay away from high pollution areas such as busy roads, bus stations, car parks
  • Check pollution forecasts in your area if going out and affected by pollution - see DEFRA's UK Air forecasts
  • Avoid going out on days when there are high pollen counts - see Met Office Pollen forecasts