simranpefr.jpgPeak Flow Test

Using a Peak Flow meter to monitor your asthma can be very useful when used together with an Asthma Peak Flow diary and Asthma Control Test.  

You can obtain a Peak Flow meter from your GP and they will show you how to use and interpret it.

Your peak flow meter helps you with your asthma control.  It measures how quickly you can blow air out of your lungs.  If your asthma is not well controlled, your airways will be inflamed, swollen and tight and restrict your ability to blow air out of your lungs.  Good control of your asthma helps reduce inflammation, swelling and tightness of your airways.

Measuring your peak flow before you take your preventer medication first thing in the morning and evenings will help ensure your asthma control is at its best, and help you recognise if your asthma is getting worse.  It can help guide you when to see your doctor or nurse, help monitor your asthma preventer medication, and help you identify what triggers may be making your asthma worse. 

Please bring your peak flow device and diary to your asthma appointments so we can view it with you. 

simranblowpefr2.jpgHow to perform a Peak Flow Test

When you first get your peak flow device, ask your doctor, nurse or pharmacist to show you how to use it to measure your peak flow score.

Follow these steps to make sure you use your peak flow device properly.  When using your peak flow device, either sit or stand, but try to do it the same way every time.


  1. Take your peak flow device and pull the counter back to the beginning
  2. Hold your peak flow device horizontally and ensure your fingers do not get in the way of the counter
  3. Take in a deep breath
  4. Make a tight seal with your lips around the mouthpiece
  5. Blow as hard and fast as you can into the mouthpiece
  6. Write down the number where the counter stopped
  7. Repeat your peak flow measurement three times in total and record your highest score in your peak flow diary.


Please watch this video on how to perform a Peak flow test. 

If you still are unsure of how to measure your peak flow, please ask your doctor, nurse or pharmacist to show you.

Peak Flow Values

You can use this Peak Flow Diary by clicking here to download and print, to record your scores and monitor your symptoms and control of your asthma.  Normal values can be seen in the table below but please ask your doctor or asthma nurse what is your personal best value, as this can be more important.