This section is to provide you some general information about asthma and COVID-19. 

For the latest information on COVID-19, please visit the NHS website by clicking here

Further information is also available for families and patients on the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health website by clicking here

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My risks

We know children overall have been less severely affected by Covid-19 (coronavirus). 

This is also true for children with asthma, however it is important to ensure your asthma is as best controlled as possible.  If you are prescribed them, take your preventer medication every day and follow your Asthma Action Plan.

If you feel your asthma is not well controlled, please make an appointment urgently with your GP to review this. 

You can also complete the Asthma Control Test to gauge this in advance of your appointment with your GP / asthma nurse.

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Clinically Extremely Vulnerable Children (CEVC)

The vast majority of children with asthma are not clinically extremely vulnerable. Children and young persons who are cared for only by their GP will not be CEV. 

Special consideration is given to people who have had recent intensive care admission; associated neurological or metabolic conditions where coughing or clearing secretions is impaired; cough assist devices needed; children on long term ventilation including tracheostomy and CPAP/BiPAP and/or home oxygen; and children with severe asthma treated with biological agents and/or daily oral steroids.

Your specialist asthma hospital doctors will be able to advise you further on this.

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Please review up to date information on NHS.UK website, or discuss with your GP if you have specific needs or questions regarding the covid-19 vaccine relating to you or your child.  It is very important to follow government advice to keep safe and protected.