It can be really frightening if you've had an asthma attack. Please ensure you ask the healthcare professionals looking after you all the questions you need to feel more confident in controlling your asthma / wheeze and when to seek help again. 

One in six people who receive emergency care for an asthma attack need emergency care again within 2 weeks!

It's really important you make an urgent appointment with your GP within 48 hours after leaving hospital or even if you didn't need to go to hospital. 

Not everyone needs to go to hospital, but you have had an asthma attack if: you needed to take 10 puffs of Salbutamol (blue reliever inhaler), paramedics treated you, or you needed to use rescue steroid (prednisolone) tablets (if you have been prescribed them).

5 steps to follow to optimise your asthma recovery and control

  1. Keep taking your medicines as prescribed 
    Don't miss any doses, ensure you have good inhaler technique (see Inhalers section) and use a spacer.  Make sure you have enough inhalers.  If you had an Asthma attack, follow a Salbutamol (reliever) Weaning Regime (as below) to wean your reliever inhaler safely.

  2. Follow your Asthma Plan
    Ensuring you follow your asthma plan strictly is key to avoiding hospital admissions, long hospital stays, and being readmitted. It is important for your lungs and health to have well controlled asthma.

  3. Book an urgent asthma review with your GP
    Make a same day appointment to see your GP if you didn't go to hospital. If you did go to hospital, book an appointment with your GP within 48 hours of going home.  Please do not miss your appointment with your GP or our Paediatric Asthma Service even if you feel well.

  4. Know when your asthma is getting worse
    Learn the signs and symptoms that tell you your or your child's asthma is getting worse.  Contact your GP early to avoid further deterioration and follow your Action Plan.  If you can't get an appointment with your GP, call 111 and speak with the NHS team for advice.

  5. Take some time to recover and recuperate 
    After an asthma attack, you and your child can feel quite tired.  Please ensure you take some rest to enable full recovery.  If you are very upset or worried, please make an appointment with your GP.  You are not alone!