Inhaler Technique

Follow these pictures below to perfect your inhaler technique when using a pressurised metered-dose inhaler (evohaler).  Having a good inhaler technique is crucial to ensure the medicine gets to your lungs correctly to control your symptoms, and reduce side effects.


1. Take your inhaler, remove the protective cap and ensure there's nothing inside.

2. Check inside your spacer also, and ensure it has been cleaned regulalry (see "How to clean your spacer").  Change your spacer every 6 months. 


3. Place the inhaler in the end port of the spacer.

4.  Shake firmly 5 times.

5(a). Place the mask of the spacer around your mouth and nose ensuring you have a good seal.spacer.jpg

5(b). If you use a spacer with a mouth-piece (i.e. instead of a mask), make a good seal with your lips around the mouth-piece.  Older children (over the age of 5 years) should be able to use a mask with a mouthpiece.  Ask your doctor or nurse if this is right for you.  rajanbluespacer.jpg

6. As you breathe in, press the inhaler to give one metered dose of your medication.

7. Breathe in 5 times gently through your mouth, i.e. for approximately 10 seconds, breathing in the medication within your spacer device.

8. Wait 1 minute before taking another dose.  Follow your Asthma Action Plan strictly.

If you would like more support on how to best take your inhalers, please discuss with your doctor, nurse or pharmacist.

Video: Inhaler Technique

Please watch the below video to learn how to perfect your technique.