Adrenaline autoinjectors are prescribed to children and young persons who have either had or are at high risk of having a severe allergic reaction called "anaphylaxis".

Your doctor will help advise you if you should be prescribed it, but if you have food allergies and asthma, you are at much higher risk, especially if your asthma is poorly controlled.

It is imprortant you always carry two autoinjector pens with you, and that they are made available at your school or nursery also.  Your GPor doctor will help prescribe this for you, and provide you with an Emergency Allergy Action plan.

There are three brands of autoinjectors available, but they all contain the same medication - adrenaline.  Please ensure you know how to use your particular brand of autoinjector - Epi-Pen, Jext, or Emerade. View the videos below for how to use the Jext and Epi-pen, and visit Adrenaline Auto-Injectors - Allergy UK for more information.

Make sure you:

  • Know how to use your adrenaline autoinjector
  • Have an Emeergency Allergy Action plan
  • Carry two autoinjectors at all times
  • Know their expiry dates - put a reminder in your mobile / diary / calender
  •  Store in a cool dark place at room temperature
  • Keep out of reach from small children