Reduce triggers.
Follow your Asthma Action Plan.
Take your preventer medications everyday if prescribed. 


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Food allergies

  • A small number of people experience asthma worsened by particular foods

  • This is either because an allergic reaction to certain foods trigger their asthma, or certain food sensitivities trigger their asthma

  • Common allergens include peanuts, sesame seed, milk, diary, fish - but any food can be an allergen

  • Reactions to foods include the usual asthma symptoms of cough, wheeze, tight chest and difficulty in breathing

Food sensitivities

  • Sensitivity to certain foods is different from allergies to food

  • Symptoms may be more subtle and less clear

  • Some foods such as yogurt and mature cheese contain histamine which can contribute to subtle symptoms

  • Some foods contain sulphites (E221 - E228) which can give subtle symptoms too

  • Try to keep an accurate diary to see what foods you may be sensitive to and bring it to your appointments

  • See your GP for more advice